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Designed for employers with employees who are either U.S. or Canadian citizens who reside abroad, or foreign nationals around the world. GEO Group assists employers to carve out their international employees to provide them with U.S.-style benefits and worldwide coverage.

GEO Group is a revolutionary program designed to meet the global health care needs of international assignees, and provide multinational employers with flexible options of both benefits and services.


GEO Group is a comprehensive, yet cost-effective plan designed specifically for employers who need international group medical coverage for their employees around the globe. The plan provides a wide range of customizable benefits that can be modified to suit your specifications, combined with the top-shelf service of an established leader in the international medical insurance arena. Adiuvare Insurances focuses solely on the international medical insurance market while performing all administration functions in-house, thus giving us greater control over the quality of our service and helping to keep your costs low.


Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive, employer-sponsored group medical coverage
  • Life, dental and daily indemnity coverage available
  • Coverage area options
  • Flexible plan designs
  • Full group takeover/Replacement provision available
  • Tiered group underwriting
  • COBRA and HIPAA like options
  • Medical History Disregarded underwriting option
  • Enhanced benefit option for U.S.-based employers
  • Long-term disability insurance

AcceptanceWe offer guaranteed acceptance to individuals between the ages of 18 and 75.